2024 Pepper Starter Plants

  •  All of the seeds we use for our starter plants are organic and NON GMO.
  • The potting soil we use is an all organic soilless mix.
  • Only all natural ingredients are used to help feed our plants. 
  • No chemicals or pesticides are used on our plants in any way.
  • All of the photos that we use were taken by us of produce we have grown right here in our Denver backyard.
  • All illustrations were done by Kya Irish.

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If the variety below is in yellow, we do not have any available now, but we will have more soon.


If it is in red, we are sold out for the season.


Updated on Monday, June 10th at 7:30pm


Non Spicy Peppers


California Wonder Bell Pepper

Green to Red

  • You can eat this pepper early when green or wait until it fully ripens and sweetens to red 
  • 65-89 days to maturity
  • Full sun


Sweet Golden 

California Wonder Bell Pepper

  • Very sweet bell pepper that turns a cool golden orange color 
  • Plant will grow 22-32 inches tall
  • 68-78 days to maturity
  • Full sun

Sweet Chocolate 

 Bell Pepper

  • Brown bell pepper that has a bit of an earthy flavor to it
  • Great producing plant for us
  • 58-86 days to maturity
  • Full sun

Orange Sun 

Bell Pepper

  • Produced great for us in 2023. Better in the pot compared to the ground.
  • All 9 peppers pictured were on one plant
  • Around 80 days to ripen from green to orange.



  • High yielder
  • Sweet and tangy 
  • This is the pepper found with a Papa Johns pizza 
  • 65 day to maturity
  • Full sun



  • Simular to the Lipstick pepper but golden orange
  • Small, sweet and plentiful
  • 73 days to maturity
  • Full sun

Banana Pepper

    • Sweet and Crunchy Pepper
    • Easy to grow plant
    • 6 inch long pods
    • Good Pepper for Pickling
    • 72 Days to Maturity 
    • Full Sun


  • This is a great pepper to flash fry in peanut oil and eat
  • Best when small and tender
  • I have heard that 1 in 10 are smoking hot, but we never got a hot one our first year of growing them.
  • 60 days to maturity
  • Full sun 

Poblano Pepper

  • 3"-6" heart shaped peppers with thick walls
  • Mild with a small amount of heat
  • 75 ish Days to maturity
  • Full sun
  • 1000 Scoville Units



Sweet Peppers

Red or Orange

  • Small sweet snacking peppers
  • 55-85 days 


Cornito Rosso 

Sweet Pepper

  • Much larger than the lunchbox peppers
  • This plant can produce a lot of peppers per plant.
  • 60 days to green 80 to red.

Spicy Peppers

Hungarian Yellow Wax

  • This is the hot version of a banana pepper
  • Good for pickling and canning
  • 70 days to maturity
  • 1000 - 15000 Scoville Units

Early Jalapeño 


  • Can be eaten green or after turning red late in summer
  • The longer they grow the hotter they are
  • Produce a lot of peppers
  • 72 day to maturity
  • Full sun



  • A bit hotter than a Jalapeño 
  • Heavy producer
  • Bushy plants
  • 75-90 day to maturity

Hot Cayenne Slim


  • 2-4 inch long thin hot pepper
  • Great for drying to make hot pepper flakes
  • Plant grows 22-32 inches tall
  • 75-80 days to maturity
  • Full Sun

Hot Habanero


  • Small wrinkled hot peppers that ripen to a golden orange 
  • 1000 times hotter then a jalapeño 
  • 90-100 days to maturity
  • Full sun
  • 100,000 - 350,000 Scoville Units 

Ghost Pepper

  • At one point in time this was the hottest known pepper in the world
  • Super hot smoky flavor
  • 100-120 Days to maturity
  • Full sun
  • 1,000,000 plus on the Scoville Scale

Carolina Reaper

  • Dangerously Hot
  • I like the flavor of this pepper over the Ghost
  • This picture was illustrated by Kya Irish
  • 120 days to maturity 
  • Full sun
  • 2,000,000 plus on the Scoville Scale


  • Extra large mild jalapeño 
  • 78 days to maturity
  • Full sun 

Chili Peppers



  • Mild with very little heat 
  • 8 inch pepper with thick walls
  • 70-90 days to maturity
  • Full sun
  • Around 1000 Scoville Units

Hatch Lunbre X Hot

  • Smaller and hotter
  • 5 inch long pods
  • 85 days to maturity 
  • Full sun
  • 10,000 Scoville Units

Joe Parker

  • Good Medium Hot Chili Pepper
  • 80 Days to Maturity
  • Full Sun
  • 1000-3000 Scoville Units