2024 Herb Starter Plants

  •  All of the seeds we use for our starter plants are organic and NON GMO. Organic Rosemary seeds were not available so we used non organic seeds.
  • The potting soil we use is an all organic soilless mix.
  • Only all natural ingredients are used to help feed our plants. 
  • No chemicals or pesticides are used on our plants in any way.
  • All of the photos that we use were taken by us of produce we have grown right here in our Denver backyard.
  • All illustrations were done by Kya Irish.

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If the variety below is in yellow, we do not have any available now, but we will have more soon.


If it is in red, we are sold out for the season.


Updated on Monday, June 10th at 7:30pm





Genovese Basil

  • This is the basil you want if you like to make pesto
  • Up to 2 inch long sweet leaves
  • Slow bolting but be sure to keep trimmed to get leaves all season long
  • Sensitive to frosts
  • Full sun


  • Flowers that have a slight scent of apple 
  • Dry or use fresh in teas
  • Used for many medicinal purposes
  • Attracts bees and butterflies
  • Partial sun / Full sun


  • These come up early spring and have a beautiful purple flower soon after
  • Great herb used in a lot of recipes
  • Ready to use once it grows enough for you to cut


  • If you like Mexican cuisine, this is a must have herb
  • Cilantro does good while cool, but bolts as soon as it starts to warm up
  • Keep trimmed  and use the leaves to keep your plant growing longer
  • The seeds of cilantro are coriander 
  • Partial Sun


  • Used for dill pickles, seafood, and sauces
  • Larger and sooner flowers than Mammoth Dill
  • Attracts beneficial insects to your garden
  • 55-70 Days
  • Full Sun

English Thyme

  • Produces a small purple flower that will attract bees to your garden
  • Thyme is called for in many resipes
  • This plant will stop growing over the winter, but is still good to use at that point. Grow extra to get you through the winter
  • Partial sun




  • You can use the leaves fresh or dry for all year use
  • Will grow up to 24 inches high
  • Keeping this plant trimmed will encourage new growth
  • Full sun



  • This oregano has large leaves that can be used fresh or dried for the winter
  • Great in tomato sauces
  • Will grow 12-18 inches tall



  • This is the flat-leafed parley with more flavor then the curled varieties
  • Partial sun



  • Large-Leaved variety 
  • Use fresh or dried
  • Good for poultry and meat seasoning
  • Partial sun