Thank you for your interest in picking up Microgreens from The Irish Home Farm.

OUR MicroGreens ARE


  • Super high in nutritional values.
  • Available all year long.
  • Beautiful edible plants that can take the place of a flower arrangement in your dinning room.
  • As local as you can get. The Irish Home Farm is a  backyard garden/nursery located  off of 84th and I-25 in Denver Colorado.
  • Grown by someone that is dedicated to providing an above average product to you on a consistent basis since 2015.


This is an example of 4 separate 5 inch by 5 inch squares

of fresh, still growing Microgreens.




We offer a discounted price on all of our extra Microgreens after our weekly deliveries are completed. Pick up only.


2 squares for $5


This price is also available on regular weekly pick up of certain varieties of Microgreens including broccoli and Kale.

Please Call, Text or Email me if you would like to see which Microgreens are available now or to set up a regular delivery.

    Steve Irish